Lezyne Tech Floor Drive ABS Pump – £44.99 – BUY NOW

It’s hard to ignore the physical beauty of Lezyne pumps and tools. There is no exception with this Tech Floor Drive pump. The chrome-like aluminium barrel gives the pump a really high-end look, matched with the tactile wooden handle, you’d be forgiven for thinking the pump sold for something more like £60+, instead of the actual £44.99rrp.

A pressure gauge is housed within the resin feet which are both tough and well shaped. The gauge works accurately every time and the big, clear labeling means you don’t have to stoop low to be able to read the pressure, which is a gripe of mine with many pumps who’s pressure gauges are as far away from the user as possible.


The ABS valve is unlike the more traditional ‘lever-lock’ heads. At first you feel slightly inconvenienced as with my old pump, I could simply push the head onto the valve and lock it with the lever. It wouldn’t matter if it was a schraeder or presta valve, it would just attach. The downside of this simplicity however was that the head would often not sit correctly, requiring re-attachment and if there wasn’t enough valve protruding from the rim (where rim depths were slightly greater), it would be very difficult to keep the head attached. The anodised gold ABS valve works by screwing onto the valve stem using the existing threads on the valve. While this takes a few seconds longer, the attachment is very secure and doesn’t leak any air while pumping. On the downside, if you regularly swap between schraeder and presta valves, you may find unscrewing, flipping the gold valve around and reattaching a bit of a pain. Realistically though, who has different valves across their range of bikes?

I’ve been running this pump for over a year now and there have been no faults. Occasionally when pumping very quickly, your actions can out run the air resulting in a resistance to plunge, but maintain a reasonable speed and the efficiency of the air seal will have your tyre inflated in no time.

Verdict: A great looking and high-performance pump, at the expense of a little convenience.

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