Buy the Right Cologne to Keep the Scent Strong

A man with a lasting fragrance scent, is man with good strength. Each perfume you get for yourself, must be able to last the whole day. People want to know if you got the endurance to make it through the day. The perfume will convince them that you do. You are strong and vigilant. Have an endurance that never runs out. When you see your endurance level running low, you think of something motivational to bring it back up. You want want that strength to be reflected in the perfume you wear. Show people your endurance from the best perfumes for men you can find.

Never Pick the Cheap Perfume

I know your eager to pick the cheap stuff and be done with it, but its not the way to find perfume that last man. Its not the way. The perfume is cheap because the chemicals used do not last long. You want to get perfume that cost a lot. The best perfume for men that comes with a decent or high price. I understand your on a budget. But, if you can afford to spend more on a better fragrance then do it. More money means better quality when it comes to men’s perfume. The women will pay more attention if they smell a rare fragrance too. Most guys wear the cheap stuff. You have to be rare and wear the expensive stuff.

Buy the Right Cologne to Keep the Scent Strong

Make Sure Perfume Has the Lasting Effect

The cologne must last a long time. It should last you the whole day and be able to with stand climate change. You should not have a problem in a couple days after use. Make sure the perfume product you buy last more then two days and has great endurance. For the days to come and for the winters. Only the best fragrance for the best man.

The effect should be noticed by others too. Sometimes, you need a new set of eyes to judge the product. Our bodies can not always pick up the problems we see in front of us. We could use help at times. Hear people’s opinions and determine if the fragrance you bought is really good. Determine if it is really good not look good. You know what I mean I hope.

How to Apply Perfume and Make You Look Important

Buy the Right Cologne to Keep the Scent Strong

Applying perfume to your body, must be done in a way that makes you look professional. All you need to do is spray a little on the wrist and a little on the chest. You can go overboard when your on a date. Women need to smell a lot of smells so they can determine if you are a perfect match. Convince them to take you on in a secret but harmless way. Do a little when you are going to work or out with friends. You don’t wear a lot of cologne to impress your friends. Its really about the date. Follow these simple tips and people will think you are important. At least, the girl on dates will.

Make Sure You Follow Certain Rules When Giving Gifts at Work

Although giving gifts is not considered mandatory by law, most businesses and people choose to give to other people in the business circle. Every business has a circle of people who buy, sell, and produce goods. We are all part of it and some of us feel a gift exchange is needed. Maybe those people are right in the business circle are right. Whenever something good happens in business, a gift should be given to remind people that things are going good in the business circle. Gifts are known to be material objects, but they can be used to show good moments, awards, or appreciation. Now, if you want to give gifts the right way at work, take a look at the basic rules we listed.

Make Sure You Follow Certain Rules When Giving Gifts at Work

Don’t Feel Pressured to Give Gifts

Gift giving should be something you do when you want to do it. Do not give a gift to anyone unless you want to. It won’t be a gift if you do that. It will be something you felt you had to do because you didn’t want to upset someone. In reality, everybody gets upset about things. Pleasing people is like trying to balance your legs on a thin piece of wood. You can not please everyone all the time at work. One action in future will lead to disappointment. You got to just accept the good and bad feedback you get in life. Accept it, and say no to gift giving if you feel you should not do it. Doing something you don’t want to do for no financial gain is a really bad idea.

Make sure you get a gift that is special. Getting an ordinary gift is ok. But is ok the legacy you want your business to follow? Is ok the level you want to feel in life? No, you want it to be really high and special. Try to get every gift with a special touch to it. For example, a trump coffee mug gift will make people feel special because it provokes power. Your gift needs some type of special thing inside to give someone the feeling of being something great. Everybody wants to feel very important at work or where ever. The great feel makes people work harder and be more then what they think they are. People will reach a higher level of power if they feel special or very important. Get someone a special gift for work to raise their overall moral. Make them feel special.

Gifts Should Not Be Too Personal

Never get a gift for someone at work that is too personal. Buying condoms for a co-worker gift, might look like you are cheating or being very rude. I know you have the best intentions, but think about what your girlfriend or boyfriend would think. Get a gift like a trump coffee mug or a black pen. Get something that is simple and formal. Do not get something that makes you look like you want to start some drama. Drama is not good at the work place. Always get something that is pleasing to the boss and employees for a employee gift.

Consider How Much You Want to Spend

A gift should go by a budget you have. Don’t go over that budget. I know you want to look good and show everyone your good intentions. But, getting a gift that is too pricey can ruin your savings, or cause you to get into unnecessary trouble. Trouble should not be associated with the word gift. Always get something you can afford. Something that won’t hurt you next week or next year if you think about it. Nobody will hate you for it and they will understand if you need to save up for that car or for that emergency fund that you need later.

Simple tips that help Avoid Mountain Biking Injuries

Basically, bike injuries are an undeniable reality. Yet, they can be controlled and at times averted through some quick action. For wear and tear type of injuries, causes include riding for too long, preparations done badly, and training too much. As for bruises and breakages, they are mainly caused by fatal crashes. An action as easy as getting the best helmet for mountain biking injects plenty into safety measures. Still, more needs to be done in protection and general injury avoidance.

Avoiding Common Injuries Sustained Through Mountain Biking

Keep fit

proper preparation helps reduce wear and tear kind of injuries enormously. Take for instance, the prevalent back injuries. A simple strength training schedule hardens the core and helps in rectification.

Stay flexible

5-10 minutes of your workout schedule should be consumed by flexibility training. Basic stretches work well, but yoga works wonders. Incorporate it into your training setup and within a short period your agility levels will be headed for the roof.

Always warm up before rides

If looking for a sure way to injuries, just skip the pre-ride workouts. Astoundingly, burpees complemented by a few stretches are all you need. For those not in a position to spare those 10 minutes, they can start off with an easy ride for the first 20 minutes. That sets the mood and warms up the entire body.

Plan the full ride: riding for too long leads to fatigue, and causes wear and tear injuries as a result. Such occurrences often occur due to poor planning. At times, riders even get to do the last portion of their ride in partial darkness. Such conditions coupled up with fatigue translate into nothing but crashes.

Service your bike often

Imagine a situation where you decide to take off and midair, you realize your front wheel just detached. Avoid such extreme scenarios by ensuring everything is well screwed and fastened up. Check for cracks too, and any points of weakness.

Make helmets your best friend: it is probably the most basic safety measure. Even so, riders still take reminders for granted. Furthermore, it should not just be a helmet but one that meets recommended certifications.

Purchase clear cycling glasses

Any foreign substances that get into a rider’s eyes may cause a loss of balance. Such scenarios are easily avertable through wearing of glasses. Sunglasses could work too but might not favor riders whose trails run through forests.

Wear some body Armor: bruises are an often incidence due to grazing and scratches. Keep your skin intact by getting some body armor.

Set your bike accordingly: tuning your bike with regards to your body contributes heavily to comfortability. For example, improperly set breaking levers could lead to over-rotation of wrists, an injury that could take quite some time to heal.

Stay hydrated: body fluid levels get reduced through sweating. As such, a rider should carry some water bottle for cycling. Overhydration could also be as bad, if not worse than dehydration. In view of that, some electrolyte powder comes in handy. Also, carry some energy bars, drinks, or snacks to keep energy levels at optimum.

Learn proper body positioning: weight distribution plays a key role in determining success during various setups. At times, you might even get off the saddle and balance on the pedals. All of these depend on dynamic situations, and are to be mastered for best outcomes.

Do not show off: no matter how much you have practiced, take some time before showing it off. In addition, keep concentration levels at peak. Make sure your vision is uninterrupted so as to notice any anomalies in advance. Since falling is often inevitable, learn how to effectively disembark from your bike during such occasions.


The tips above are in simplified terms and plenty of what you will ever need. However, you can undertake in a skills course or get some riding fellows for company and skill enhancement purposes.

Review: Rebound Suspension Servicing

I’ve not yet written a review of something that isn’t a product of some regard. But I felt the personal service of Rebound Suspension was worth a few words.

I’ve sent my forks off to be serviced by the likes of Mojo, TF Tuned and Push before, who all do an admirable job. But let’s face it, they can be a tad pricy! It’s like taking your Audi to an official service center and paying for the privilege. But if you search Google, there are other small companies out there looking to offer a fantastic level of service for a much lesser rate. See it as taking your Audi to a barn on some farm land, but letting a passionate wrench who has all the know-how and uses genuine parts to do the work instead.


A friend recommended Rebound Suspension (@ReboundSus on Twitter) so I gave them a go. I filled out a simple online form on their site and shortly after I got a text message from the owner (Jason) quoting me for price. At £145 I was able to have a full strip down and service of my Fox 36 Talas and Fox RP23 rear shock including new seals, bushes and even shock mounting bushes. This price also included return shipping.

The text informed me to ship the forks and text back once they were on their way. I did so. Two days later I received a text in reply stating “Your fox and shock have arrived safely and rebound suspension”. I received further updates as my forks went through the service stages and a final one stating my forks and shock had been shipped and to expect them on Tuesday. Sure enough, Tuesday came around and my forks and shock arrived, complete with all my old bushes and seals as evidence of the work performed.

I’m so very happy with the level of service, professional manner and quality of work complete. In particular, I felt that the level of quality was superb, given the official Fox service center in the UK would have charged £90 more for comparative work.

Highly Recommended!


Review: Easton 35 Oversize Carbon Bar & Stem

I had only just upgraded to the standard carbon Easton Havoc DH bar and paired it with a 50mm Thomson Elite X4 stem which to me is the benchmark of how a stem should be made. At 750mm wide the standard Havoc felt wide enough, so why did I chose to upgrade AGAIN only two rides later to the new 35mm set up?

Well I am keen on having the latest kit, so if Easton, Deda and multiple other brands (rumored at the time, now confirmed to include Race Face) were drawing up 35mm designs then there must be something in it. You won’t hear me sharing opinion of something I haven’t used, so why not!

At 800mm width, the bars are amongst the very widest out there (but of course you can cut them down), yet only weighing around 25grms more than the standard Easton Haven bars. Easton are masters of tube tech so have made the walls of the bars thin but with the extra diameter at the clamp up to 35mm (from 31.8mm), strength is actually improved.

Stem quality is superb, with sharp CNC edges and very good looks. I wasn’t sad to say goodbye to my Thomson stem at this point. It’s also very stiff and available in black or ano orange alloy colours in 50mm only. The bars are available in a cheaper aluminium option in black, ano Orange, ano green and silver also.

Is the 35mm set up stiffer? Like going to a QR15mm axle from a standard quick release wheel, the improvement in stiffness is noticeable. Though perhaps not just bouncing around the car park. Tech trails with switchbacks, steep chutes and big jumps is where you notice the additional stiffness. The bars are stronger, but I don’t think anybody running an Easton carbon bar needs to worry about that!

All in all, a top quality bar offering the latest and most fashionable dimensions to your cockpit with genuine, world class performance.


Review: Turner Burner – First Ride

It’s a long drive from Wiggle HQ in Cosham, all the way down to Silverfish HQ in Saltash. A drive I’ve made twice since becoming a buyer 8 short months ago. Silverfish are suppliers of prolific MTB brands such as Race Face, e.thirteen, SDG, Formula, Evoc and more.

I look forward to the trip for a number of reasons. It’s partly because it’s a group of guys, led by one passionate individual, who are all 110% in love with mountain biking as a sport. It’s also partly because of Managing Director Darren’s love for Yeti, which is evident when seeing the multiple examples of Yeti history strewn across his office, such as more Cooks Bros Cranks than you can imagine, a few Tioga disc drive wheels and one in particular is attached to John Tomac’s famous Yeti C-26! There is much more besides!

This trip was slightly different as we found time to hit Silverfish’s local trails which they sponsor – Cardinham Trails. A relatively short trail, filled with climbs, down hills, berms, jumps, rock gardens…it’s an ideal proving ground for a new bike. Which bike did Darren prepare for me? The Turner Burner of course!

Lucky for me, this was the second 650b bike I have ridden. Six months ago I had the pleasure of an Intense Tracer 275 for a weekend in Wales. I wasn’t enthralled by the ride, but that could have had much to do with the weather and as my first experience of 650b wheels, was perhaps more of an orientation exercise. Riding this Turner Burner however, really did impress.

The DW-Link suspension was incredibly active, soaking up every bump but was incredibly well behaved at the same time. As always, I ride with all ProPedal features switched off. I don’t think a GOOD bike should demand a clever shock to ride well. Clever shocks, should only make a bike ride better. Despite the suspension being very active on the downs, it was very active, yet very well behaved on the climbs. It was very efficient, felt light and was incredibly nimble. My Large test bike was well grounded, never loosing grip on the climbs. Considering the tyres were laden with Kenda Nevegal’s, that was a success right there!

On the downhills I longed for a dropper post. My test-bike had a conventional post which I had to manually lower. So with that, I simply hauled as much ass as I could without dropping the saddle which almost made me realise regret on a number of occasions. In the end however, I stayed upright (unlike my riding companion Steve Kitchin on his Forward Geometry Mondraker who fell off twice) and enjoyed the flowing swoops, berms and mini rollers that Cardinham trails were dishing out. It was a very lively and exciting ride.

Compared to my 29er, this bike felt very nimble and maneuverable. Indeed, I wondered if I could tell much of a difference between the 650b wheels on this bike Vs the 26″ wheels on my own full suspension bike. The wheel size certainly gave me uphill benefit but didn’t seem to make much of a difference on the downs. The perfect trail bike? Pretty much. 5″ travel was plenty, soaking up the biggest bumps and taking everything my large stature and body weight could throw at it.

But is it for me? Not quite. This bike really can do it all for most riders. And while I think in the real world it would also do everything I want, sometimes I push my full suspension bike to extremes. I like to jump big, ride it like a DH rig and generally ride very ‘enthusiastically’. I have a 29er hardtail for most of my riding, so I want a bike to go large on and still come back for more. I also want a bike to enjoy the climbs on. So while the Turner would be a very good option, it isn’t quite my ideal option.

All-in-all, if you want one full-sus rig to do it all very well with no complaints and give you that buzz every time you throw a leg over…this is your dream bike!