I’m thirty years old and am passionate about bikes. Mountain bikes in particular, but my skill set is broad. I’ve invested time in Cross Country, Free Ride, Down Hill, Road, Trials, Dirt Jumping, Track…I’m sure I’ve missed some off my list and out of my experience so far. I’m well experienced with cycling and therefore manage to carry skills cross-discipline which gives me a confident riding style. My articles, reviews and comments are always based on personal experience and not what I hear others say.

I have raced and do occasionally, but I wouldn’t call myself a racer. I like to beat my mates up hills but I don’t like to throw up, wishing I stayed in bed that morning. To me, cycling is suposed to be fun. Some people get their kicks out of racing. I get mine out of pushing my boundaries and riding with friends.

Cycling goes further than the trail though…I work with them too. Ever since I was 15, I have worked in the bike trade. Starting out working in Hargroves Cycles bikes shops and ending up as online bike shop Wiggle’s Cycle Marketing Manager for three years. I have recently left that role and am now the Wiggle Parts Buyer.

Right from the day I bought my first ‘GOOD’ mountain bike (Specialized Hardrock GSX) back in 1995, I’ve been riding as often as possible in as many places as possible. Almost every year, I cycled in California and took in all the iconic riding destinations, such as Mammoth Mountain, Big Bear, Marin County, Moab, Whistler and loads more.

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