I had only just upgraded to the standard carbon Easton Havoc DH bar and paired it with a 50mm Thomson Elite X4 stem which to me is the benchmark of how a stem should be made. At 750mm wide the standard Havoc felt wide enough, so why did I chose to upgrade AGAIN only two rides later to the new 35mm set up?

Well I am keen on having the latest kit, so if Easton, Deda and multiple other brands (rumored at the time, now confirmed to include Race Face) were drawing up 35mm designs then there must be something in it. You won’t hear me sharing opinion of something I haven’t used, so why not!

At 800mm width, the bars are amongst the very widest out there (but of course you can cut them down), yet only weighing around 25grms more than the standard Easton Haven bars. Easton are masters of tube tech so have made the walls of the bars thin but with the extra diameter at the clamp up to 35mm (from 31.8mm), strength is actually improved.

Stem quality is superb, with sharp CNC edges and very good looks. I wasn’t sad to say goodbye to my Thomson stem at this point. It’s also very stiff and available in black or ano orange alloy colours in 50mm only. The bars are available in a cheaper aluminium option in black, ano Orange, ano green and silver also.

Is the 35mm set up stiffer? Like going to a QR15mm axle from a standard quick release wheel, the improvement in stiffness is noticeable. Though perhaps not just bouncing around the car park. Tech trails with switchbacks, steep chutes and big jumps is where you notice the additional stiffness. The bars are stronger, but I don’t think anybody running an Easton carbon bar needs to worry about that!

All in all, a top quality bar offering the latest and most fashionable dimensions to your cockpit with genuine, world class performance.