I’ve not yet written a review of something that isn’t a product of some regard. But I felt the personal service of Rebound Suspension was worth a few words.

I’ve sent my forks off to be serviced by the likes of Mojo, TF Tuned and Push before, who all do an admirable job. But let’s face it, they can be a tad pricy! It’s like taking your Audi to an official service center and paying for the privilege. But if you search Google, there are other small companies out there looking to offer a fantastic level of service for a much lesser rate. See it as taking your Audi to a barn on some farm land, but letting a passionate wrench who has all the know-how and uses genuine parts to do the work instead.

A friend recommended Rebound Suspension (@ReboundSus on Twitter) so I gave them a go. I filled out a simple online form on their site and shortly after I got a text message from the owner (Jason) quoting me for price. At £145 I was able to have a full strip down and service of my Fox 36 Talas and Fox RP23 rear shock including new seals, bushes and even shock mounting bushes. This price also included return shipping.

The text informed me to ship the forks and text back once they were on their way. I did so. Two days later I received a text in reply stating “Your fox and shock have arrived safely and rebound suspension”. I received further updates as my forks went through the service stages and a final one stating my forks and shock had been shipped and to expect them on Tuesday. Sure enough, Tuesday came around and my forks and shock arrived, complete with all my old bushes and seals as evidence of the work performed.

I’m so very happy with the level of service, professional manner and quality of work complete. In particular, I felt that the level of quality was superb, given the official Fox service center in the UK would have charged £90 more for comparative work.

Highly Recommended!